As a potential client, existing client, or user of Studio Certified and its services:


    It is the responsibility of the aforementioned parties to legitimately procure and own each copyrighted song/track submitted for a mix arrangement and to attain the necessary music and/or performance licenses for legal use.


    All songs requested to be included in a mix must be available for legal download from reputable, legal sources (i.e. Bandcamp, iTunes, 7Digital, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.) 

    Dance studios and performing arts organizations using song mixes comprised of copyrighted content to exhibit "Dramatic" or "Grand" performances to an audience can potentially be immune to copyright laws under certain conditions as defined within the links below. All other organizations, businesses, and establishments are subject to the proper licensing by way of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and/or blanket licenses.


    For further knowledge on music and performance licenses and how it affects you, please refer to the following links: